The Group Entertainment's production team is headed by Spirit Award-nominee Producer of the Year Gill Holland (formerly of cineBLAST!).   TGE producers have worked on over 100 feature films and documentaries and projects include such films as Spirit Award winners Sweet Land and Spring Forward, as well as Sundance Film Festival selections LoggerheadsIt Felt Like LoveHurricane Streets (the first feature ever to win three awards at the Sundance Film Festival), Flow: For Love of Water, The Adventures of Power, Look and See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry, and Toronto Film Festival premiers such as Desert Blue. The Group seeks to produce entertaining features and documentaries with a social conscience while keeping an eye on the commercial viability of each project.


  • An Honest Liar - A multiple award-winning documentary about the Amazing James Randi from directors Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein (hit top 10 on iTunes)
  • Big Star:Nothing Can Hurt Me - A documentary on legendary band Big Star 
  • SXSW winning Madien Trip, a doc about the 13 year old Dutch girl who became the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world (hit top 10 on itunes!)
  • Where Hope Grows - An alcoholic father and former baseball player is given a serious lesson in courage when he befriends a grocery store clerk with Down syndrome. 
  • Deep Run am award-winning doc about Cole Ray Davis, a gutsy, transgender male, Christian teen, coming of age in a conservative Bible belt community. (Susan Sarandon Executive Producer)
  • LAZY EYE - Tim Kirkman's award-winning new film, possible the first true post gay-marriage ex-love story.  This film follows up "2nd Serve", the Louisville-shot tennis comedy from famed author James Markert (also on iTunes)


  • Beauty Mark - first feature from Harris Doran, premiers at a great spring 2017 festival (We can't say yet which one!)
  • Omphalos - A private eye is hired to solve a murder, but when he arrives on the scene of the crime, the body is his own
  • LOOK AND SEE: A Portrait of Wendell Berry  (Sundance 2017 premier) - the "Wendell Berry documentary project"...from award -winning director Laura Dunn and Executive Producer Robert Redford)
  • As With Knives and Skin - the debut of famed director Jennifer Reeder as writer-director about the disappearance of a young girl in a small town forcing a group of teenagers and adults to confront their fears and failures
  • Sharing America's Marrow: The Road Trip Movie - Alex Kimura's documentary on the inspiring fight to save a sister and the need for bone marrow donors in the USA.
  • Death Is But a Dream - JJ Sicotte’s documentary about a renegade team of hospice researchers studying the controversial phenomenon of End of Life Dreams and Visions.


  • The Group Entertainment is currently NOT accepting any unsolicited submissions.